Frustration & despair …

I’m disappointed; I know I ought not to be.

Just when I start to believe in them, they let me down … again.

World leaders, bureacrats, politicians. Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.

I know I’m not alone. I’ve no idea if I’m in the majority (or minority), but I see other people with similar frustrations. So, if you’re still reading this, then thanks; I’m sure I’ve just lost someone’s interest, but if you’re still here, please bear with me & see if this resonates with you.

I was raised to always be quiet, never speak until spoken to, punished for talking out of turn. But, as I’ve got older, I’ve found that I talk more & more whilst thinking more about what I’m saying. I like to answer a straight question with a straight answer. When I go to sleep, as long as I’ve not intentionally hurt or upset anyone, and I’ve tried my best in whatever I’ve done today, then I know I’m a better person today than I was yesterday.

So, why are we, the world, doing nothing immediate about the war in Ukraine? We’re applauding the Ukrainian people for their bravery & stance, we emotionally sympathise with them, we send them our money by way of food & supplies, but we stand idly by whilst their homes are bombed, their loved ones are killed and their lives are completely turned upside down.

I use the term “war” because that’s what it is; not a “conflict” or a “disagreement”, or even a “misunderstanding” — a war. But, there is another type of war being waged; a war of words. Our governments are scrambling over one another to claim “we are helping the most”, “we’ve sent the most weapons”, “we’re taking in the most refugees” — but who cares?

Words are cheap — “actions speak louder than words”. We might be sanctioning a few wealthy individuals (if they are that wealthy, their funds are spread around the world, not just in a single place), maybe even a government or two, but these things take time — people are being killed now, on both sides of the war. Innocent people always get caught in the middle, irrespective of where they were born.

The large corporations don’t really want to get involved as their bottom line will be affected, but consumer pressure will eventually take its toll and force them to capitulate, as has been evidenced in recent days.

Europe doesn’t want to cut off energy supplies from Russia as it will impact European citizens. Nice to stay in our warm homes with our familes, even if it costs us a few Euros more …

How much do we, as a global populace, have to endure before we learn lessons from our past? Putin’s bullying has allegedly been classified as a war crime! Indiscriminate killing of people because of who they are or where they live … where have we heard this before? Has Europe any experience of this? Ring any bells?

Our governments are afraid that we will start a war if we get involved from a military perspective — the war has already started without us.

Our governments are afraid that we will have energy supply issues if we get involved — too late again, Putin has already threatened “to cut us off.”

Our governments are afraid of retaliation if we get involved — we’re already involved! We became involved the minute we spoke out against Putin, the minute we provided weapons & military intelligence, the minute we sent aid relief, the minute we started reporting anything in such a way that is not in line with Putin’s explanation of things.

What might have happened if we had “got involved” in a more direct manner, such as providing a border defence force? I suspect we would be in the same situation regarding sanctions, financial difficulties and humanitarian aid.

But, and this is a big “but”, I believe far fewer people would have died on both sides, Ukraine’s infrastructure would be less damaged and fewer people evicted. We could have halted the flow of the Russian military into Ukraine, maybe met at the negotiating table and be talking about a situation rather than pandering to some bully’s wet dream about increasing his own status & power!

After all, the Ukrainians weren’t invading Russia, and the world does not want to invade Russia, so why shouldn’t we defend ourselves from an aggressor?

If we’re not careful, the bully will get what he wants, purely because he can stamp his feet, shout louder & make threats that the rest of us don’t want to deal with. We all know about bullies — we’ve seen the effects, maybe even been on the receiving end of one, but they can be dealt with. Saying “no” can take many forms and requires a degree of bravery, which the Ukrainian people have in bucketloads.

Why can’t we stop being shamed by our lack of moral fibre & inaction, and take a page out of Ukraine’s book?

More power to you, Mr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian people and those who help you in your time of dire need.



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